Maya's favorite thing was doing Random Acts of Kindness for others!   

In Maya's memory, we have designed Maya's Kindness Cards.  Download these cards, cut them out, and pass them on!  We are including links to two different files, one has crop marks/bleeds, the other doesn't.  Please use the version that you prefer.  We just ask that you print these off on durable card stock so these cards can be passed on and "paid forward" multiple times.  These cards are only one-sided, whereas the cards that we can print for you below are printed front and back. See below for more info on ordering.

Here is a story about Maya's Kindness Cards that aired on Channel 9 on December 7, 2017:

We are also happy to order beautiful, laminated cards for you.  Please message us here or on our Kindness Cards Facebook page and tell us the quantity you would like along with your address and we will have them shipped directly to you as soon as we receive payment. Cost is as follows:

Quant 100:   $25
Quant 250:   $35
Quant: 500:  $45
Quant 1000: $50 

Please allow 6-10 business days for shipping and they will be shipped directly to you.